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Thermal King Glass has been a part of the Victoria community since 1980. All of our staff are proudly committed to helping our customers make the most informed window and door improvements to their homes.

We provide a variety of high-quality Energy Star Rated vinyl windows, as well as a wide selection of warranty levels, energy efficiency levels, and installation methods to choose from. Our in-house installation crew has been trained in certified installation methods to ensure the best possible performance from your windows. We also specialize in skylight and canopy installations that can be customized specifically to your needs.

Thermal King Glass has been a member in good standing of the Better Business Bureau since 1981. We have received Torch Awards and we have been a finalist nominee for customer service.

Why Choose Thermal King Glass?

Home Performance Contractor Network

“The Home Performance Contractor Network (HPCN) is a database of retrofit contractors in British Columbia (BC) that meet specified trade designation and training qualifications and are subject to ongoing review and quality assurance checks.”


When you purchase windows or patio doors from us, you're also purchasing peace of mind. These products include a life-time warranty (commercial properties exempt) for as long as you live in your home. And if you sell your home, the warranty is fully transferable and becomes a 10 or 15-year warranty from the original purchase date depending on the manufacturer. We know that rain and salt air are a part of life here on the Island, therefore there are no exclusions or reductions in the period of the warranty if you live near the ocean.

Curb Appeal and Comfort

Who doesn't want to have a beautiful house? Updating the windows can make a drastic improvement to the appearance of a home from any era. Many of our products are expressly designed to work in harmony with the aesthetic of older character homes, or provide a character look to new homes. Not only are updated windows more efficient, but they significantly improve the comfort of your home. Less noise is transferred from outside and "cold spots" near windows and sashes throughout the house are reduced. Great to look at, great to look through, and great to live with - new windows deliver!

Resale Value

Renovation statistics show that new windows provide significant increases to a home’s value upon resale. Buyers today are looking for energy efficient windows in the homes they may purchase. It has become common knowledge that single pane windows are a liability, and new energy efficient windows are an asset. Homes in need of new windows spend more days on market, are more susceptible to price reductions, and attract lower offers, as buyers look to offset future renovation costs.

Energy Efficiency

It takes more than just energy efficient glass to build an energy efficient window or patio door. However, the glass is important as it fills the majority of the opening.

Our window and door products are manufactured with Low E insulated glass and argon gas. Argon gas contributes to slow convection inside the sealed unit.

Most of our selection of sliding windows and patio doors use tri-fin weather stripping offering up to 25% improvement in air infiltration over a single fin design. This further reduces transfer of cold air into your house and warm air out of your house. Compared to single pane windows, energy efficient windows can save on your energy bills up to $500 per year.


We work with several financing agencies to help you get the benefits of new windows faster and more comfortably. We've deliberately partnered with a variety of suppliers to ensure our customers never feel that we are pushing one financing company over another. Window upgrades are an important investment and we believe our customers should be able to shop for the financing that is most comfortable for them.

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Financeit gives you the tools and support for powerful financing options. More ways to buy means a fair and transparent experience for you, from initial application through to the end of the loan.

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